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Strong and dynamic leader of the pack. Jera’s partner, Isa’s father and adoptive father of Iki. He was born and spent his youth in the lowlands on the west side of Midgardsorm Mountains. Still fairly young, he crossed the mountains and met Jera, creating with her a new pack. He seems very loyal but at the same time he’s very secretive and big part of his past remains a mystery.

The Pilgrim ClanEdit

Raigho is the alpha male of a small pack tasked by Hati to bring the white wolf spirit to him to buy the world more time from Ragnarök. In the early years it was just he and Jera who started the small pack. But during a harsh winter, Jera and Raigho lost all the pups except Isa. In the midst of the snowstorm, they both had seen a beam of light hit the earth and from it a single pup. The pup was soon to be named Iki. Sometime after that, the small pack met two tired, scared and famished wolves named Fehu and Gebo. And with this small pack Raigho had set off to search Hati to answer questions about Iki.


Raigho is depicted as a strong, steadfast and dependable alpha but most of his intentions including what Iki actually is kept a mystery from most of his pack. Generally cool and calm under pressure, Raigho has managed to help his pack through many perilous danger's that they may face along the way. Unfortunately when under severe stress, Raigho will not hesitate to lose his temper and assert his dominance, but half of the time it is just merely hot-air. Despite this, Raigho cares deeply about his pack and will give anything to see this journey through.


Raigho cares deeply for his mate and despite her bad temper, he has never lashed out at her for any reason. With a patient demeanor he manages to try to negotiate with her to try not to kill their adopted son, Iki.Edit

He confides and respects Fehu to the extent where Fehu is his second-in-command. He has even trusted his darkest secret to him. There are instances where neither see eye-to-eye, but both have a mutual respect and friendship with one another. Edit

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